Latest Tarrant County Home Sales Report
By Michael
May 17, 2017

NTREIS is the multilist service for our area.   Tarrant county home sales meidan prices have risen 13.9% over the past year from a combination of tight supply (a decrease in new listings) and heavier demand with new buyers coming into the area as a strong local economy continues to generage jobs.   Wellers are still in control.   Homes are selling for 99% of list price, so only overpriced houses are eventually selling at a discount to the list price.   Days on the market is another indicator of how hot our market is.   As a general rule, having three month's supply of inventory or more is considered a buyer's market.  We are firmly in seller's market territory with our supply of inventory down to 1.7%.   Here;s a chart of Tarrant Counting activity for the latest month available, April of 2017


So what does it mean to you?

BUYERS:  Use your owner buyer's agent and let them help with your search.   An agent can set up a search that will update you much soonner than most consumer sites with information when a new home is available.  Guess what?  In most cases, you pay the agent NOTHING for the service.  The listing agreement the seller signed provided for payment of the agen't commission.  So why not use a professional that represents, YOU, not the seller to locate the home, negotiate the terms and navigate the schedule of inspections, appraisals, title review and closing?  Be prepared to compete for the home you find that fits your needs.   Contact a lender for a preapproval.  Determine how much home you can afford.  Have the preapproval letter in hand from the lender and be prepared to work with your agent to make an offer on the home you want quickly.  Don't be surprised if there are multiple offers for the home when you decide to make a move.   Discuss the ways you can make your offer attractive to the seller in terms of closing times, minimal seller expenses and as few conditions as possible.

SELLERS:  Have your agent run a Comparative Market Analysis that helps determine an accurate market value price for your home.   Discuss ways to make your home attractive to buyers in terms of condition, availablity and price.   There's a saying, "If it isn't compelling,, it isn't selling."  Don't leave money on the table when a small investment in a storage unit to let you remove clutter in the house or inexpensive landscaping that give the home it's best possible curb appeal.  It's temping to just say, "It's such a hot market right now, I don't have to do anything."  And you're right IF you are willing to trade 1,000 in expenses for 5,000 to 10,000 in returns on your property.   Ask the agent you interview how the agent intends to market the property.  What websites will he use (since 70% of buyers find their home there.  Will he do mailings, open houses, direct marketing to individuals?   One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see sellers make is to get hung up on a commission amount for the listing.   If the listing agent is cutting the commission, be sure the listing agreement pays the Buyer's agent a competitive rate with other homes on the market.  If most homes will pay a buyer's agent a 3% commission, why would they bring a buyer to see your home if it is paying 2%?   You're not hiring ONE agent when you list a home.  You're hiring every agent that is a member of the MultiList to bring buyers.   I recently spoke to a seller who was proud of the fact he sold his home himself and saved all that commission.  (6% is a pretty common listing percentage and the buyer's agent gets half that.)  He had sold his home for $ 180,000, and had a gain of more than 40,000 from the time he bought the home a few years ago.  I congratulated him on getting the deal he wanted.   When I got back to my office, I ran a Comparative Market Analysis for the property.  Homes of the same type in the same subdivision built within two years of his home averaged $ 198,750.   Even after paying a 6% commission, my estimate was that he received nearly $7,000 LESS than he would have using an agent.  Not to mention the hassle of several people who called, made an appointment and never showed and the call he got at 12:30 AM from someone who saw the sign.

BUYING AND SELLING SIMULTANEOUSLY:  Follow the seller's advice above and have your home ready for the market.   Work with the agent to get the work done you agree would  bring a better return, have PROFESSIONAL photography done and all listinging information in the system and ready to turn on.   NOW do the hard part:   Find your new home and get it under contract.  As soon as you have an executed offer, immediately implement the marketing plan for you current home.   

It's a challenging time in a hot market when you're shopping for a home.  The good news?  With the continued growth of jobs in our area, ongoing construction to modernize and update infrastructure and the resulting predicted growth in market prices, your new home can be a great investment!   Let's talk and see if it's right for you!